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    Thursday Nights 7:00-8:30 pm
    Hangout Time 6:00-7:00pm
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Welcome to the Difference Youth Ministry Jr. Highers & Sr. Highers

Come and join The Difference Youth Church every Thursday night

-A Ministry of North Creek Church - www.coffeechurch.com


There are four main elements you'll experience @ The Difference on Thursday nights.

The first is the hangout time. Hangout time is full of friends, music, concession stand, games, and a lot of hanging out! Come with your friends, grab a drink or candy bar, and just hang out!

The second element is the 'The Talk'. One of our amazing speakers will give you a relevant, creative message from the Bible designed to speak to the issues that your youth culture is faced with everyday.

After 'The Talk', there is a transition into a time of worship. There will be great, live music with words on the screens to follow along.

Then the fourth and final aspect of The Difference is small groups. This is where you get to discuss the nights topic and how it impacts your life with a leader who believes in you and some other students who are going through a lot of the things you are.

We are all about small groups! We think that's where you grow the most, have the most fun, and get the most help living beyond normal. So every week @ The Difference you'll meet in small groups to get encouragement, support, accountability, and help applying the message to your life. Plus your small group will do hangouts, events, and outreaches together... these are your people! You have a place of hope and belonging @ The Difference and your small group is where it's at...come try one out!

We strive to help you ‘See What God Sees’ and challenge you to ‘Live Beyond Normal’. Everybody is welcome, so invite a friend and come on in.


The Difference Youth Church


Location Meeting Every Thursday

Currently Meeting at our New Campus



Location Info

10311 Northeast Highway 99
Vancouver, WA 98686
North Creek's Youth Pastor

Kris Gray



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